Welcome to Cheap Hotel. Feel at ease to stay awhile and soak up some the atmosphere...

The Cheap Hotel imprint was set up by Coqui and DJ Slye in order to keep the multitude of mixes and compilations that are released into the Heights in good order.

As anyone who has ever found themselves with a bunch of records will know, you end up getting a lot of requests for compilations. We can't even remember all of the compilations we've made in the past, but the amount has been substantial. And we've put a lot of effort into putting these together: making the mixes flow well, giving the compilations a distinct purpose, and we've always tried to make the presentation something special. All of which brings us to Cheap Hotel...

From now on, the Cheap Hotel imprint will serve as an outlet for every mix and compilation that we put out into the Heights. This website will serve as a central listing for these releases, and will be updated with every new release. We're hoping that the benefits of this will be twofold: it will give the listener an easily available listing of what's already out there, and it will help keep everything a little more organized.

Aside from a load of new compilations in the works, we're also planning on reissuing some of the more popular compilations that we've done in the past. Now and then, we'll be knocking them into the grid with catalogue numbers, along with minor improvements and alterations. We're particularly looking forward to getting the Glazed Soul series, the Shadez Of Colour mixes and the Amateur Hour Sparks collection back into circulation.

All 'n all, we're hoping that this project serves to help supply you listeners with some golden grooves, and maybe even get just that little bit more passionate about music. Get some decks, spin some records, make some beats and make it happen! Drop us a line anytime and we'll all talk music.

Stay deep,

Coqui & DJ Slye

Cat. No.



Release Date


Various Artists

Music For Babies: Volume One

April 20, 2010


Various Artists

Sequential Noir: A Collection Of Cybernetic Jazz

April 27, 2010


Various Artists

Protest Songs

July 20, 2010


Various Artists

When The Papes Come Tumbling Down

January 31, 2012


Various Artists

Queen Of The Highway

February 22, 2013


The Clash

The Clash At The Edge Of Forever

September 25, 2014


Various Artists

Parallax Pier

June 25, 2015


SA-RA Creative Partners

Scorpio Rising

February 28, 2019


Various Artists

Terminal Vibration

May 9, 2019


Various Artists

20 Parallel Systems

January 30, 2020

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